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Arm Wrap yoyo trick instructional video.

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Arm Wrap Yoyo Trick
This next trick we are going to show you is called the Arm Wrap, and it looks like this.

When you are doing the Arm Wrap it starts out by throwing an Around the World, only, instead of letting it go around you are actually going to keep your arm out to let your yoyo wrap around underneath your arm. From there it’s momentum is going to carry it over and you want to catch it between your pointer finger and thumb to the outside of your shoulder. Here, it’s a good idea to usually pinch the string because it helps to keep the yoyo under control as it’s spinning.

From here you continue to do three circles with the yoyo in the same direction that it was going. So you do one, you’re going to turn, two – step through – and the third one and let it come right out from under your arm.

I’ll show you that one more time. It looks like this. Around the World, catch, one, two, three.

That’s the Arm Wrap.

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