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Recon-Shutter Wide Angle
Black Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo
Blue Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo
Dark Green Shutter Yoyo
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+ Red-Chainmail-Counterweight-2
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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    65.96 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish
    Blasted Shutter Yoyo Review

Winner of the 2014 World Yoyo contest, and the 2013 and 2016 US National Yoyo Contest, the Shutter is a budget metal yoyo designed to feel and play like high-end metal. It is full sized, comfortable to hold and throw, and offers more control on the string than other yoyos in its price range. It comes with YoYoFactory’s beloved Center Trac bearing, but if you are looking for an upgrade we suggest you consider the Shutter Yoyo Players Pack that includes a VIP bearing, lube, Cage Free strings and a multitool. Unlike other budget metal yoyos, there are no obvious compromises on this yoyo. This yoyo is simply a tremendous deal for the price. In terms of performance per dollar, the Shutter is at the top of its class.

Manufacturer's Description of The Shutter Yoyo

Designed from the ground up, the Shutter features an inner foil designed to achieve a weight distribution that offers power, speed, and control through long technical combinations and flashy performances. It also offers unique finger spin opportunities on both inner faces as well as a central and outer ring grind capabilities.
It takes more than a great yoyo to be a champion, but a great yo-yo is something every champion needs.

Additional information

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 1.75 × 2.25 × 3 in
Shutter Yoyo Color

Any Color Shutter Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Silver Shutter Yoyo, Aqua Shutter Yoyo, Black Shutter Yoyo, Grey Red Splash Shutter Yoyo, Green Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo, Gold Shutter Yoyo, Black Shutter Green Splash Yoyo, Red Silver Splash Shutter Yoyo, Green Shutter Yoyo – Razor Edition, Aqua Shutter Yoyo – Razor Edition, Gold Shutter Yoyo – Razor Edition, Blue Green Splash Shutter Yoyo, Aqua Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo, Black Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo, Red Black Splatter Shutter Yoyo, Blue Shutter Yoyo, Pink Shutter Yoyo, Violet Silver Splash Shutter Yoyo, Red Shutter Yoyo, Purple Shutter Yoyo, Black Shu-ta Yoyo, Aqua Shutter Yoyo – Shark Edition, Red Shutter Yoyo – Shark Edition, Purple Shutter Yoyo – Shark Edition, Blue Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo, Black Teal Speckle Shutter Yoyo, Yotricks Edition Shutter Yoyo, Gray Purple Splash Shutter Yoyo, Black Pink Speckle Shutter Yoyo, Death Splash Color Yoyo (Add $5), Blue Silver Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Violet Shutter Yoyo, Mint Green Shutter Yoyo, Aqua Blue Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Red Orange Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Pink Purple Fade Shutter (Add $5), Galactic Berry Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Aqua Silver Fade Red Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Green Silver Fade Blue Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Speckle Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Gray Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Pink Aqua Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Rose Gold Shutter Yoyo, Blue Silver Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Alien Galaxy Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Galaxy Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade Silver Ring Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Aqua Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Purple Green Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Purple White Speckle Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade Blue Purple Splash Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), RECON Shutter Yoyo, Aqua OG/Classic Shutter Yoyo Promo 2021, Red w/ Gold Splash OG/Classic Shutter Yoyo Promo 2021, Black Silver Fade OG/Classic Shutter Yoyo Promo 2021, Galaxy OG/Classic Shutter Yoyo Promo 2021, Black Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo, Silver Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo, Blue Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo, Black Silver Fade Shutter Yoyo – Minimal Engraving, Aqua Shutter Yoyo – Minimal Engraving, Dark Green Shutter Yoyo, Galaxy Shutter Yoyo – Minimal Engraving, Bella Shutter Yoyo, Blue Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo, Black Gold Splash Shutter Yoyo

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