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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    66.77 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com Horizon Yoyo Review

The Horizon yoyo by Yoyofactory is the longest spinning and most stable budget metal yoyo we offer. These qualities can help you extend your tricks to lengths never thought possible. Boasting a diameter larger than any other metal yoyo we offer on yoyotricks.com, the Horizon yoyo is considerably more resistant to tilt than the average yoyo, especially on horizontal and off axis tricks.

After you’ve mastered horizontal tricks on the Horizon, you can then move on to master popular finger spin tricks. The unique bowl shaped cup allows it to spin on the tip of your finger longer than most yoyos. Just check out Paul Kerbel’s finger spin tip video!

Paul Kerbel came to us and filmed some of our best tutorials ever with the Horizon Yoyo. If you’re ready to learn some moderately difficult but amazing unique tricks, get your Horizon and checkout his tutorials.

The Horizon yoyo also comes equipped with a CenterTrac Bearing, which also makes learning horizontal tricks much easier.

Manufacturer's Description of The Horizon Yoyo

Without individuals who push yo-yo play in new directions, yoyo play and design would be stagnant. Luckily YoYoFactory works with some of the most creative and amazing players in the world, like 2014 EYYC Open Champion Paul Kerbel. His new signature yo-yo, the Horizon, pushes yoyo play and design in multiple new directions.

Oversized, powerfully stable and long-spinning, the Horizon is unique to the market. Its large, flat, unbranded face is optimized for aggressive finger spin tricks, and the weighting and stability give players everything they need for success. Back on an Y axis, spin time is ridiculous. There are NO tricks that need this much spin so why not try every one you know on a single throw?! You will get closer to achieving it than you think! Expand your horizons today with the YoYoFactory Horizon!

Additional information

Weight 94 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.75 in
Horizon Yoyo Color

Any Color Horizon Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Aqua Horizon Yoyo, Gold Horizon Yoyo, Blue Pink Splash Horizon Yoyo, Black Red Splash Horizon Yoyo, Pink Horizon Yoyo, Green Horizon Yoyo, Black Horizon Yoyo, Red Horizon Yoyo, Galaxy Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Purple Horizon Yoyo, Black Horizon Yoyo Silver Acid Wash, Silver Horizon Yoyo, Blue Horizon Yoyo, Yotricks Edition Horizon Yoyo, Blue Silver Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Red Black Horizon Yoyo, Orange Black Splash Horizon Yoyo, Gold Blue Splash Horizon Yoyo, Red/Silver and Silver/Red Splash Horizon Yoyo, Alien Galaxy Horizon Yoyo (Add $20), Black Rainbow Horizon Yoyo (Add $7), White Rainbow Horizon Yoyo (Add $7), Black Blue Fade Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Red Silver Fade Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade Blue Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $10), Blue Pink Fade Black Splash Horizon (Add $10), Contest Team Edition Horizon Yoyo, Black/Silver and Silver/Black Splash (Add $5), Silver with Red Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Black with Silver Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Red Black Fade with Silver Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $5)

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