yoyofactory white 19mm response pads
19mm blue response pads yoyofactory
10 Pairs of Blue Response Pads
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YYF 19mm Slim Pads are used for most yoyos with a standard C sized bearing. These response pads are stickers. Simply remove the old pads, remove the backing of the new response pads to expose the adhesive, and place them in the yoyo.

White response pads come default in most yoyos, as they offer excellent play for an affordable cost and are the best all-around response pad.

Blue response pads have an overall grippier feeling than other response pads, maintaining that “new response pad” feeling for longer than other colored pads. Recommended for players who like tight binds over a long period of time.

Natural response pads are intended to be the longest lasting response pad that break in quickly.

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions .75 × .75 × .1 in
YYF 19mm Slim Pads Quantity

1 Pair of White YYF 19mm Slim Pads, 10 Pairs of White YYF 19mm Slim Pads, 1 Pair of Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads, 10 Pairs of Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads, 1 Pair of Natural YYF 19mm Slim Pads

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