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Learn how to do the Keychain yoyo trick.

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Keychain aka One-Finger Spin Yoyo Trick
This trick is called the keychain or the one-finger spin. It looks like this.

The Keychain can be done on both the front-mount or on the side-mount, on your one-and-a-half mount. So, to do it on the side-mount, like I have already showed you… all you’re going to do is mount the yoyo, like I have already showed you, and let the string fall off of your opposite hand so it is just sitting on your yoyo hand. Then you are going to let the yoyo continue in the same direction it was already spinning. When you stop it you can either take your hand and pull the string right off of it, or, if you want to do a better dismount, you can actually flip the yoyo in the opposite direction.

Let me show you what that looks like.

You will notice that when I hit the string I let the opposite hand go all in one motion and that just makes the trick look a little bit nicer.

Like I said you can also do the same thing on your front mount. So that looks like this. Just get it on your one-and-a-half, let your hand out; do your flips in the same direction as the motion the yoyo was already going. To dismount, reverse it and throw the yoyo forward. So, again, in full speed it looks like this. Reverse it.

That reverse motion helps the yoyo come off the string better. If you were to let the yoyo go in the same direction you will see that it kind of gets into a little bit of a knot there and it messes your trick up. You want to make sure that you have worked that out and throw it in the opposite direction, whether that’s on the front-mount or on the side mount.

It’s kind of a nice little trick to add to your routines. That’s called the Keychain, or the one-finger spin yoyo trick.

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