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Learn how to do the yoyo trick Underwater Basket Weaving.

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Underwater Basket Weaving Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Underwater Basket Weaving; it looks like this.

To do this trick, you are going to start off in a Houdini Mount. What you are going to do, is you are going to pinch with your throw hand, dropping the slack of the string. You are going to dismount your opposite hand over your middle finger. You are basically just going to aim the yoyo into this back string here, so you just aim it in there place it in and drop it. So you are just in a configuration like this, and take your opposite hand’s index finger place it on this back string, do one underpass. Then you are going to hop forward onto the front string. From here you are just going to do a Trapeze and His Brother Slack movement. Twist your fingers, bounce into the top string. This last movement, if you have learned the trick Branding, which I recommend you do, it is just the exact same movements as Branding. If you have not been able to figure that out take a look at that video, learn that trick because it really helps.

The biggest tip for doing this trick is on the very first part. It is actually the hardest part of the trick. Some tips for doing it, the key to hitting it actually to align this hand and the gap of the yoyo with your thumb where it is pinching on the string. If you do that you will hit it almost every time. It is going to take some practice to get down. The other thing, is if you happen to have some twists in the string you will notice that you can still do the trick, as long as you are aiming high towards your fingers. So if you aim that part of the trick up close to your throw hand you will be able to still hit the string, even with twists in it.

That’s the whole trick. Practice it. It is not too hard to get down, again, just that first part takes a lot of practice. Here it is one more time.

That was Underwater Basket Weaving.

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