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Combo Building: Vol. 7 Frontstyle Speed Combo Series Yoyo Trick
This is the seventh video in the Frontstyle Speed Combo Series where I am going to be teaching you some helpful methods in creating your very own Frontstyle Speed Combo. Now, in our first video we talk about how just about every split bottom trick utilizes the five core concepts. While it is not necessary to master all of these concepts, or protrusions, to make a good frontstyle trick, it does help to have a larger trick set. That way you will be able to make more combos with them.

Now, when you are ready to start on your first trick, we recommend that you think of it as a sequence of split bottom mounts. So you want to start in the split bottom mount. Perform a sequence of concepts and elements and land back in a split bottom mount. From there, you simply want to repeat the process with a different sequence of concepts and elements and go back into a split bottom mount. As you improve, you want to try returning to the spit bottom less and less. That way you can create longer sequences that will improve the flow and visual appeal of your tricks.

As you are exploring your tricks, you are going to find common mounts in the middle of your tricks that are the same as other sequences you are doing, so you can try splicing the beginning of one with the end of another to create a brand new unique combination. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid repeating elements or concepts. If you just repeat the same things over and over again, your frontstyle is not going to be as impressive as it could be. So, really, try to add a bunch of unique elements because it is not just a speed at which your perform these tricks that make your frontstyle impressive, it is the amount of unique elements that you can perform quickly with flow and a specific amount of time.

If you are trying to make your frontstyle combo really stand out, and you find yourself getting stuck or if you need too many elements, remember the five core concepts can be applied almost anywhere. So you are going to try doing a pass or a roll if you get stuck. If those two do not work, you can try adding in a hit, a pop, or even a boing to try to make a new transition. With enough experimentation, you are going to find a transition that will work for your sequence and make it unique.

Now, once you are comfortable with your speed combo and you want to start working on the speed, remember that you can incorporate wraps and rolls to artificially shorten your string throughout your speed combo. If that does not work, you can also physically cut your string shorter. That way your tricks are performed a little bit faster as well. And remember, when you are practicing your speed combo to practice it slowly to develop smoother movements, because with smoother movements comes greater speed. Now, you have all of the tools that you need to create the Ultimate Frontstyle Speed Combo.

As you improve, you should try returning back to the split bottom less and less. That way you can create co- conquests… consequences… concepts… sequences… That is what I am looking for.

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