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Learn about the five fundamental core concepts which we will explore in order to build the ultimate frontstyle speed combo.

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Frontstyle Speed Combo Series Vol. 1: Introduction Yoyo Trick
This is the first video in the Frontstyle Speed Combo Tutorial Series where I will be going over the core concepts to teach you how to make the ultimate Frontstyle Speed Combo. To begin this series, I want to bring your attention to five tricks we have previously taught from the Split Bottom mount, which are: Split the Atom, Barrel Roll, Pop N’ Fresh, Boingy Boing, and Seasick.

While knowing these tricks is not essential to a frontstyle speed combo, we find that the more of these tricks you can master, the more possibilities you can have in your frontstyle speed combo. Within these tricks, we have found five core concepts that are used in frontstyle speed combos. These concepts are Rolls, Hits, Passes, Pops, and Boings. As we go through this series, it is important to recognize that it is not speed alone that is going to make your frontstyle speed combo impressive, it is the use of unique tricks elements and transitions done quickly in a certain amount of time that are really going to make your combos stand out. However, we do realize that you are going to feel the need. The need, for speed. And we have a couple of things we would like you to keep in mind throughout this video series to help increase the speed of your frontstyle speed combos.

The first is to shorten the string, whether it be physically through cutting the string, or artificially by using wraps and rolls to shorten the string, which we will further explore in this video series. Another is when learning these concepts, is to practice them slowly. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, you will find that you are able to develop smoother motions in these tricks. And when you have smoother movements, you are able to move the yoyo much faster. Now, get comfortable with the Split Bottom Mount, start mastering the five tricks we have previously talked about in this video, and get ready to learn how to make the Ultimate Frontstyle Speed Combo.

You may feel the need, the need… for speed.

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