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Brain-scrambler (aka Brain-Twister) yoyo trick video.

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Brain-Scrambler Yoyo Trick
To get the Brain-Scrambler, what your going to need to do first is perfect the front mount. When your learning this trick it may be easier to learn the trick first if you just use your opposite hand to lift the string up and then set the yoyo right on the string and this will set you up for the rest of the trick.

Eventually you’re going to want to learn the basic mount. Just like the Man on the Flying Trapeze where you don’t move your finger on your opposite hand; it’s the same thing. You just want to point your finger off to the right (assuming your right handed) and just leave it there. Next you’re going to throw your yoyo, once you’ve got a good spin, then you swing it forward, and on it’s way back you pull up with your hand and then immediately pull it back down. That’s going to cause the yoyo to land right on the string. If you’re missing one way or the other and you haven’t been moving this finger, you know the problem lies with your yoyo hand.

Once you’ve got a good mount what you want to do is to take your yoyo finger and put it just under your first finger of your opposite hand. You’re going to use that finger, swing the yoyo forward, to just push it around. Just like that.

The brain-scrambler can be done a whole bunch of times if you want. Once you get it mounted onto the string you want to push it, again, with your yoyo finger, and then you keep the motion going with your opposite hand. You see that the string keeps wrapping around your yoyo finger, that’s normal.

To dismount, all you do is take your opposite hand – swing the yoyo forward – and pull down and the yoyo will come right off. I’ll show you that again; swing the yoyo forward, pull down, the yoyo will come right up. If you really want to finish it off nicely you can give it a little loop at the end.

That’s the Brain-Scrambler.

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