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Around the World yoyo instructional video.

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Around the World Yoyo Trick
This trick is Around the World, it looks like this.

Around the World starts just like your basic loop; you are going to start with a forward toss. But, instead of allowing the yoyo to come right back so you can loop it out you actually want the yoyo to sleep so that it can go all the way around and do the trick.

One of the things that you need to be aware of as you do this trick is that wherever the yoyo stops its motion that is where it’s gonna get slack and come back to your hand. That’s true whether you stop it right in front of you, which is what you want to do, or, even if you get it right over your head and stop the trick, it’s gonna come back so you want to be aware of that.

What I do to make sure that I get the motion all the way around is I actually think of throwing the yoyo off in the distance, and that seems to give it just the right momentum to get all the way around.

When you do this trick you don’t actually have to stop at one Around the World, you can do as many as you can as long as the yoyo is still spinning.

This trick isn’t that difficult. Give it a try. That’s Around the World.

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