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Forward Toss yoyo trick video.

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Forward Toss Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the Forward Toss, which looks like this.

The Forward Toss is great because it gets you into Looping, you can do famous tricks like Around the World. You can even do more difficult tricks like Shoot the Moon if you angle the yoyo up a little bit. You can even get into Offstring Style yo-yoing. It is a great trick because it opens so many doors. And it is not that hard.

The first thing that you want to make sure is that you have a yoyo that is going to be good for this trick. All you need is any yoyo that sleeps – it doesn’t have to sleep, but that makes it easier – you want it to come back really quickly if you give it just the slightest tug, because you don’t want it to hesitate too long when it is at the end of the string.

Once you have that you are ready to go.

Forward Toss is kind of the inverse of your normal Throw. What you know from your normal Throw is you are going to hold the yoyo like this, you are going to throw the yoyo down, turn your hand over and get the yoyo to come back up. With this one, instead of holding your hand this way, you are going to hold your hand like this. All you are going to do is swing your hand right by your side, just like this. About half-way through you are going to let the yoyo go. Ideally it will go to the end of the string and then kind of be on an upward swing and then come back and then fall down into your hand.

One of the first things you need to notice is that like your normal Throw, you know how you turn your hand over and pull the yoyo back up, with your Forward Toss you are doing the same thing. You are going to turn your hand over to catch it. There are 2 advantages to this. The first one is that the yoyo is going to fall down into your hand, so you will find your catches are a little bit more consistent when you do it that way. Second, you won’t have to turn the yoyo over in your hand because it is going to be setup in the way you want the yoyo to be setup, with the string going over the top. You won’t have to turn the yoyo over.

Watch what happens if I don’t turn the yoyo over to catch it, I just grab it out of the air like this. Now the string is coming under the yoyo which means if I want to do my throw I need to turn the yoyo over.

With this trick there are 2 problems you might run into. They have to do with the timing of when you release the yoyo. The first one that most people do when they are learning this this trick is they release the yoyo a little bit too late. If that happens it is going to look like this, where the yoyo instead of curving up and coming back down into your hand it will go out and then fall down. If that is happening to you then that means you are probably releasing the yoyo later than you should. You want to release the yoyo a little bit earlier than might feel comfortable at first, that should help with that.

If you release the yoyo a little bit early, or you kind of swing the yoyo around as you are throwing it too much, then it will be kind of like a 1/4 Around the World like this. You saw the yoyo sleep a little bit. If that is happening that means you are probably releasing it a little bit too early. You need to find that balance. Usually I think about releasing it as it goes past my hip, right here. That seems to get it just about right. You can see there is a round motion of it going out and then coming up and falling down into my hand when you get it right.

Once you have all of these pieces in place and you have mastered this you are ready to move onto a lot of really exciting tricks, and that is Forward Toss.

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