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Give your finger a break with Yoyo Finger Wrap (aka Yoyo Tape). Just wrap a few inches around your middle finger and listen closely as your finger breathes a sigh of relief. Not only will this make yoyoing more comfortable as you are waiting for your callus to come in, it will extend practice time as well. More practice, less pain; everybody wins!

Yoyo Finger Wrap is designed to stick to itself, not your finger. Unlike tape there is no glue on the bottom of the wrap. Just wrap it around your finger one or two times and it will stick to itself (kind of like velcro) without getting your finger messy with glue. This makes the Yoyo Finger Wrap reusable since there is no glue to wear out. The same piece can be used through several practice sessions.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 1 in
Yoyo Finger Wrap Color

Blue Yoyo Finger Wrap, Latex Free (Blue) Yoyo Finger Wrap, Red Yoyo Finger Wrap, Green Yoyo Finger Wrap, Pink Yoyo Finger Wrap, Green Camo Yoyo Finger Wrap, Blue Camo Yoyo Finger Wrap, Pink Camo Yoyo Finger Wrap

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