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YoYoFactory Multitool 3-usesThe YoyoFactory Yoyo Multitool does three things.

  1. Cuts string
  2. Helps remove YoYoFactory axles (and adjusts the gap of Loop 1080 yoyos)
  3. Helps remove large (size C) bearings from yoyos.

While there are plenty of convenient ways to cut string, and while you will seldom need to remove an axle from a yoyo, it’s this tool’s third function – removing bearings from yoyos – that makes it something all advanced players need in their yoyo arsenal. Whether you are replacing a bearing or just taking it out for cleaning, some yoyos are quite stubborn in their refusal to surrender their bearing, making the bearings practically impossible to remove. This tool gently helps you remove the bearing in these yoyos without damaging the yoyo or the bearing. An amazing feat!

Colors may vary

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 1.35 × 1.25 × .30 in

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