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    67.25 grams
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YoYoTricks.com Transcend Yoyo Review

The Transcend yoyo toes the line between competitive and causal play; it excels at the fundamentals but doesn’t keep the most advanced tricks out of reach. This yoyo is for the player who simply loves the act of yoyoing itself. Most causal yoyos carry a bit too much heft, and are too slow for real competitive play. Most competitive yoyos are a bit too fast to just enjoy the experience without constantly pushing yourself, thinking about that next contest. The Transcend yoyo strikes a balance that doesn’t rule anything out. It is more than capable for competitive play, but doesn’t push the player so hard that it makes one forget how enjoyable yoyoing can be on its own.

The Transcend yoyo achieves this balance by utilizing design features of both competitive and casual yoyos. Like most casual yoyos the Transcend yoyo has a rounded, or organic, design. Organic shapes are often preferred by more casual players because they are extremely comfortable to hold, and they keep the weight of a yoyo more centrally located, which offers a high level of control during play. The downside of most organic shaped yoyos, however, is that this design tends to play on the slow side. To overcome this, the Transcend yoyo also has a small step immediately off its inner wall – a feature increasingly more common in competitive yoyo designs. This pushes that centralized weight more to the outside allowing more speed than the typical organic shape would allow. In addition, its overall width is slightly wider than most yoyos, allowing it to strike a good balance between centralized weight (a feature common to casual yoyos) and decentralized weight (a feature more common for competitive yoyos), balancing speed and control.

All of this has come together to make the Transcend a unique yoyo with a number of desirable qualities. First, it is extremely good for Regenerations, an under-utilized skill that allows players to link trick after trick together without re-throwing the yoyo. Its wide shape also helps keep the yoyo on plane, resisting unwanted lateral movement against the groove of the yoyo. In practical terms, this makes longer combos easier and more natural to execute. In these ways the Transcend yoyo rewards the player for smooth continuous motion during tricks, encouraging a flowing, more elegant play style. Long, smooth combos punctuated by regenerations leading immediately to additional tricks without a catch and re-throw are the Transcend yoyo’s specialty, and in these respects it is second to none – qualities are just as true when performing off-axis or horizontal style tricks.

The Transcend yoyo also features groove-lines along the groove of the yoyo, allowing for basic finger grind tricks, along with a large open area in the cup of the yoyo making horizontal finger spins relatively easy to execute. It also comes equipped with YoYoJam’s signature Speed Bearing, a flat bearing that makes binds and regenerations easier. If you are interested in using the Transcend yoyo for off-axis style play we would recommend upgrading to a Center Trac bearing. (The Center Trac bearing is included in the Transcend Yoyo Pro Pack.)

For an American made high-end metal yoyo, the Transcend yoyo is competitively priced and comes highly recommended for players who love yoyoing, whether they consider themselves competitive or not.  While it is certainly capable of the full range of modern yoyo tricks, the true draw of the Transcend yoyo is that it beckons the player to transcend the moment, to enter the rarefied air where continuous tricks are the norm, where combos never cease, where life and the competitive stage fall away, where all tricks flow as one.

Manufacturer's Description of The Transcend Yoyo

Tessa Piccillo is really making a name for herself in the modern yo-yo scene. She places well in almost every contest she enters and she recently took 1st in the 2014 WYYC Women’s Division! With a talented player like that on their team, YoYoJam knew it was time for a new signature model! This is Tessa’s first signature yo-yo, The Transcend!

YoYoJam worked closely with Tessa over the last few months to finalize the design of her new yo-yo. They quickly decided they wanted to create a competition level yo-yo that would fit any style and any budget. They went through prototype after prototype until they came up with a final design that fit Tessa’s style and that would appeal to the modern yo-yo player!

The Transcend is a full sized organic yo-yo that feels just as comfortable on the string as it does in the hand. It has a nice solid feel in play with excellent spin time and speed. The nice wide shape gives you all the stability you need for those long combos while the more centralized weight distribution gives you the maneuverability of a much smaller yo-yo. Truly a competition level yo-yo that will fit any style!

Join Tessa in her mission to go beyond expectations, and Transcend the boundaries of modern yo-yo play with the new Transcend!

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × 2.13 in
Transcend Yoyo Colors

Any Color Transcend Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Aqua Transcend Yoyo, Gold Transcend Yoyo, Gunmetal Transcend Yoyo, Blue Blasted Transcend Yoyo, Green Blasted Transcend Yoyo, Blue Green Blasted Transcend Yoyo

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