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Upgrade to Cage Free Yoyo String

Cage Free yoyo string is our new yoyo string formula, designed to replace High-end yoyo string by creating a single thickness string that is good for all 5 styles of yoyo. Cage Free string comes is a regular length and extra long length.

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    Cage Free String

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The perfect yoyo string should have several qualities. It should resist tension for easy slack and whip tricks. It should bind tight for consistent play and stronger throws. It should last. In our pursuit of the elusive perfect yoyo string, HighEndString is as close as we have found.

Hand made right here at Yotricks, each string is made from a durable polyester and comes equipped with a ridged core strand that gives it added rigidity. This gives the string a weighty feel that is easy to control during complex tricks, and helps keep the string open during slack and whip elements. This string has already proven its worth, helping bring the 2015 World 5A Champion to victory. This string has the added benefit of durability, staying playable for longer than other strings we have tested.

In addition, the regular HighEndString has the peculiar quality of dramatically increasing sleep times for the YoYoJam Unleashed Yoyos. This is the string Connor S. uses when he teaches his 2A yoyo tricks, and when he competes.

As its name suggest, this is string made for high-end metal yoyos, although any Budget Metal yoyo or Hybrid yoyo will certainly benefit from its boost in performance.

While we suggest you try both the regular and thick string to see what you prefer, we can tell you that if you tend to use your string short you will likely prefer the thick string. The thick string binds extra tight, which will help to compensate for the shorter string.

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .25 in
String Thickness

Regular, Thick


5 White HighEndStrings, 25 White HighEndStrings, 100 White HighEndStrings, 5 Yellow HighEndStrings, 25 Yellow HighEndStrings, 100 Yellow HighEndStrings, 5 Blue HighEndStrings, 25 Blue HighEndStrings, 100 Blue HighEndStrings, 5 Orange HighEndStrings, 25 Orange HighEndStrings, 100 Orange HighEndStrings, 5 Green HighEndStrings, 25 Green HighEndStrings, 100 Green HighEndString

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