edge glow flight yoyo yoyofactory
edge glow flight yoyo yoyofactory
translucent orange flight yoyo yoyofactory
flight yoyo translucent blue yoyofactory
flight yoyo translucent purple
Green Black Marble Flight Yoyo
Icon Flight Yoyo Offstring
Solid Red Flight Yoyo
Fire Flight Yoyo
translucent green flight yoyo yoyofactory
flight yoyo opaque pink yoyofactory
flight yoyo glow in the dark
gold sparkle flight yoyo yoyofactory
Red Flight Yoyo
lemon lime marble flight yoyo yoyofactory
clear white marble flight yoyo yoyofactory
gray yoyofactory flight yoyo
clear yoyofactory flight yoyo
clear red black marble flight yoyo
basecamp solid orange flight yoyo

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Shape
    Step Round
  • Material
  • Finish
    Matte exterior, glossy interior

YoYoTricks.com Flight Yoyo Review

The Flight yoyo for offstring (4a) style play is one of the few yoyos that is great for new players trying the offstring style for the first time, as well as competitive players looking to become the best of the best.

The idea for the Flight offstring yoyo started when we at YoYoTricks.com met with the design team at YoYoFactory with an idea for what we thought could be the “perfect offstring yoyo”. Our goal for this design was threefold: 1. We wanted a yoyo we could use to teach any offstring trick, 2. We wanted to keep it inexpensive enough that anyone who wanted to get into offstring style play wouldn’t be dissuaded by the price, and 3. We wanted an offstring yoyo that was capable enough to win the best yoyo contests in the world. Now that the Flight yoyo is a reality we believe that YoYoFactory has delivered on every point. The original design for the Flight was tested and critiqued by many of the best players in the world, and their suggestions were implemented into the final product. The Flight yoyo was truly a collaborative effort, and it is the better for it.

The Flight yoyo is the ideal size for an offstring yoyo. It is wide enough to make tricks easy to learn, but not so large that it plays slow or makes offstring tech tricks difficult. In fact, it is the fastest playing offstring yoyo we carry. Its curved shape makes it especially comfortable to hold and catch. The Flight yoyo also features a stepped profile which makes long finger grinds possible, even without gloves.

The Flight Yoyo is also the longest spinning offstring yoyo we have ever used. This, in combination with its ability to execute consistent open string binds makes the Flight incredible for unique and long combos, punctuated with exciting and risky returns.

The Flight yoyo also features a ring in the inner-hub of each half, designed for off-axis thumb grinds; some of the most exciting tricks in 4a style play today. Unlike many yoyos designed for these types of tricks, the Flight yoyo executes these grinds great with or without gloves, so it is completely up to the player how they choose to play.

With a price that is hard to beat, and a flawlessly executed design, we wholeheartedly recommend the Flight yoyo for any player interested in offstring style play.

Extended the ability of the Flight Yoyo by purchasing Blue Flight Yoyo Spacers. The Flight is also available with discounted accessories here.

Manufacturer's Description of The Flight Yoyo

We didn’t invent the wheel but we watched others turn it, and we finally feel that we can contribute to the progression of Offstring yo-yoing.  The Flight is finally ready for takeoff. It has received nothing but positive reviews, and we feel that this can be the launching point to make this modern style of yo-yo play even more popular.  Not only is the one of the most durable off-string yo-yos on the market, but its modern design makes regen tricks, whip catches, and even thumb grinds even easier than before. Durable thanks to premium materials (polycarbonate) and a thicker stronger axle. Easy to maintain with standard parts and spacers which are slightly looser fit. Performance wise, we think Flight goes beyond exceeding at every critical test.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.5 in
Flight Yoyo Color

Any Color Flight Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Edge Glow Yellow Flight Yoyo, Translucent Orange Flight Yoyo, Translucent Blue Flight Yoyo, Aurora Flight Yoyo, Purple Flight Yoyo, Green Black Marble Flight Yoyo, Icon Flight Yoyo, Red Flight Yoyo, Solid Blue Flight Yoyo, Solid Red Flight Yoyo, Fire Flight Yoyo, Translucent Green Flight Yoyo, Pink Flight Yoyo, Galaxy Marble Flight Yoyo, Bright Glow Flight Yoyo, Gold Sparkle Ben Conde Flight Yoyo, Translucent Red Flight Yoyo, Lemon Lime Marble Flight Yoyo, Clear White Marble Flight Yoyo, Gray Flight Yoyo, Clear Flight Yoyo, Clear Red Black Marble Flight Yoyo, Basecamp Solid Orange Flight Yoyo, RECON Flight Yoyo, Rayon Vert Flight Yoyo

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