Connor Scholten’s 1st Place Performance

Connor Scholten performing at Grand Rapids Got Talent 2013 team member, Connor Scholten, took first place in the adult division at the 2013 Grand Rapids Got Talent. Connor was one of 26 different acts that performed, and winners were chosen by a panel of judges along with public voting.

We were able to find a video of Connor’s performance, shot with a cell phone camera, and we uploaded it to our website. You can watch the video here, be sure to check out his amazing final trick! Also, you can read more about the competition and Connor’s performance in an article on

Learn to Yoyo From Connor and get the ReXtreme Yoyo

Rextreme Yoyo by Yoyo JamIn his performance, Connor used the ReXtreme Yoyo, the most highly recommended Offstring yoyo on In addition, if you are interested in learning how to do Offstring yoyoing, you can check the Offstring section on our website. It includes a number of videos to help you get started with offstring, many of which feature Connor Scholten.

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