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Our Top Yo Yo Picks

This is the up-to-date list of our top recommended Yo Yos for all 5 styles of Yo Yo.

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Top 1A Yo Yos

Blue Fizz Yo Yo

Fizz Yo Yo - #1 Beginner Yo Yo

When teaching in person and online, we have had more success getting people started using the Fizz than any other Yo Yo. Its ball bearing and patented return system ensures that it plays great and easy for anyone trying Yo Yo for the first time. Take the Screen Time Yo Yo Challenge

Get the Fizz Yo Yo Get the Screen Time Yo Yo Challenge Pack See more beginner Yo Yos

Sage Yo Yo - Best Plastic (Starter)

The Sage Yo Yo bridges the gap between beginner and advanced Yo Yo play. Out of the box it plays easy and responsive, but replace the bearing with the Center Trac bearing included in the Sage Yo Yo Starter Pack, and you have a Yo Yo that can tackle the most difficult tricks.

Get the Sage Yo Yo Get the Starter Pack See more starter Yo Yos
Sage Yo Yo Best Plastic Starter Yo Yo
Wedge and Replay Pro - Best Unresponsive Plastic Yo Yos

Wedge & Replay Pro Yo Yos - Best Plastic (Unresponsive)

Want the best all-around, unresponsive plastic Yo Yo? Get the Wedge!....or maybe the Replay Pro! In fact, you might just want to pick up both! Need help choosing? Watch our reviews on each Yo Yo's product page.

Get the Wedge Yo Yo Get the Replay Pro Yo Yo

Arcade YoYo - Best Bang for Your Buck

A great design, no compromises, and a discounted price. The Arcade YoYo is less expensive than other YoYos from U.S. manufacturers, but plays like the best of them. If you are waiting to pull the trigger on your first metal Yo Yo, the Arcade is the obvious choice.

Get the Arcade Yo Yo
Arcade Yo Yo - Best Bang for Your Buck
Snack Yo Yo - Our Favorite Pocket Yo Yo

The Snack Yo Yo - Best Pocket Yo Yo

Normally we don't recommend putting snacks in your pocket, but in this case we'll make an exception. Experience some amazing, powerful play in a bite size way.

Get the Snack Yo Yo

Kui Yo Yo - Best Light Up Yo Yo

Plays as good as other metal yo yos, and it lights up! If you're ready to party, don't let this one pass you by.

Get the Kui Yo Yo
Kui Yo Yo - Our Favorite Light-up Yo Yo
Canon Yo Yo - Best All Around Yo Yo

Canon Yo Yo - Best All-around Yo Yo (1A, 3A, 5A)

One yo yo to rule them all, or at least three out of five styles. The Canon yo yo was designed by a world champion, for world champion level play.

Get the Canon Yo Yo

Atlas Yo Yo - Best for Horizontal Tricks and Bangers

We use the Atlas to teach the horizontal trick tutorials on our site for one reason: it is amazing for this difficult style of play! Its width also makes it perfect for banger tricks, those big risky maneuvers that are designed to make the crowd go wild!

Get the Atlas Yo Yo
Atlas Yo Yo for Bangers and Horizontal Play
Get the Civility Yo Yo for Learning Tricks

Civility Yo Yo - Best for Learning Tech and Trick Development

The Civility is designed to be a bit heavier, and a bit more powerful that most yo yos. This give it rock-solid stability to power through mistakes as you experiment and push the boundaries of your skill.

Get the Civility Yo Yo

Shutter Wide Angle Yo Yo - Best Overall Metal (1A)

A legendary design pushed even further. The Shutter Wide Angle Yo Yo takes everything we love about the iconic World Yo Yo Contest winning Shutter yo yo, and stretches it out. A wider design allows for bigger tricks and greater consistency as you practice.

Get the Shutter Wide Angle
Shutter Wide Angle Yo Yo - Best Overall Yo Yo
Edge Beyond Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo

Edge Beyond Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo

Winner of the 2018 World Yo Yo Contest, the Edge Beyond Yo Yo is one of the most extreme designs we have ever seen. Super powerful spins and stability, a custom bearing, and one of the most legendary wins in all of yoyoing. This is what premium looks like!

Go Beyond with the Edge Beyond Yo Yo

Marco Yo Yo - Best Budget Bimetal Yo Yo

The Marco Yo Yo is one of the most discussed yo yos this year. A reinvention of the legendary Horizon yo yo, they made it wider, sleeker and a bi-metal. We couldn't have wished for a better reimaginaing of one of the best yo yos of all time.

Get the Marco Yoyo
Marco Yo Yo - Best Budget Bimetal Yo Yo
Ethos Yo Yo - Best All-around for Learning Tricks

Ethos Yo Yo - Best All-around for Learning Tricks

Designed for players of all kinds. Comfortable, powerful, slightly undersized, the Ethos yo yo is made to be nimble and a dynamic performer. Great for grinds, tech, and speed. Our best selling bi-metal yo yo of all time!

Get the Ethos Yo Yo

iCEBERG & iPPON - Best Hybrid Yo Yos

One of these yo yos may be the best yo yo in our store... we just don't know which one. If you like your yo yo to have a more powerful spin and be a little more forgiving while doing tricks, go with the iCEBERG. Like speed and horizontal, go for the iPPON.

Get the Iceberg Get the iPPON
iCEBERG & iPPON - Best Hybrid Yo Yos

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There are many other yo yos besides this.

Top 2A Yo Yos

Oracle Yo Yo - Best Starter 2A Yo Yo

Oracle Yo Yo - Best Starter 2A Yo Yo

The Oracle Yo Yo is the best yo yo we have every used for players getting into two-handed yo yo play (2A). They are durable, inexpensive, play consistently through the life of a string, and are easy to maintain. For new 2A players, the Oracle is a must.

Get the Oracle Yo Yo Get the 2A Pack

Loop 720 Yo Yo - Best for Advanced 2A Yo Yo Play

Want to take your skills even further? The Loop 720 has a unique spacer system that allows you to set the gap width on your yo yos to one of three positions. Find what setting right for you, and practice without giving it another thought!

Get the Loop 720 Yo Yo Get the 2A Pack
Loop 720 Yo Yo - Best for Advanced 2A Yo Yo Play

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There are many other 2A yo yos besides this.

Top 3A Yo Yos

Wedge 3A Yoyo Pack - Best Starter 3A Yo Yos

Wedge 3A Yoyo Pack - Best Starter 3A Yo Yos

Not only is it one of the best all-round plastic yo yo for 1A, the Wedge yo yo is also the ideal yo yo to start learning 3A yo yo tricks. The Wedge has the perfect weight distribution that allows for mastery of all the 3A essentials and advanced tricks alike. Plus, since the body is made of durable, polycarbonate plastic, you don't have to worry about damaging your yo yo from those all-to-common 3A collisions.

Get the Wedge 3A Yo Yo Pack

Canon 3A Yoyo Pack - Best for Advanced 3A Play

Designed by world champion Jake Elliott for the superior 5A performance, the Canon yo yo also contains all the best features that make a perfect 3A yo yo. The weight distribution allows for long, stable spins and excellent sleep times, while the slightly tighter gap makes it easier to bind with a shorter string. At the budget price range, the Canon yo yo is the way to step up your 3A game for advanced and competitive play.

Get the Canon 3A Yo Yo Pack
Canon 3A Yoyo Pack - Best for Advanced 3A Play

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There are many other 3A yo yos besides this.

Top 4A Yo Yos

Flight Yo Yo - Best Starter Offstring Yo Yo

Flight Yo Yo - Best Starter Offstring Yo Yo

We helped YoYoFactory design the Flight for new players. It is super durable, one of the longest sleeping offstring yo yos, and is great for the full range of Offstring tricks. It is also one of the least expensive offstring yo yos available. Want to try offstring, the Flight is right!

Get the Flight Yo Yo

SKYLiGHT Yo Yo - Best for Learning Advanced 4A Tricks

The SKYLiGHT Yo Yo is the Delrin version of the iCEBREAKER Yo Yo which was been used to win the 4A division at the US Nationals. It is a great improvement on that yo yo, and we consider it the best offstring yoyo for learning advanced tricks.

Reach for the sky with the SKYLiGHT Yo Yo
SKYLiGHT Yo Yo - Best for Learning Advanced 4A Tricks
Jetset EG Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo for 4A

Jetset EG Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo for 4A

Winning multiple national titles and the 2018 World title, the Jetset EG is the top of the line offstring yo yo for competitive play.

Get the Jetset EG Yo Yo

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There are many other yo yos besides this.

Top 5A Yo Yos

Freehand Pro Yo Yo - Best Starter 5A Yo Yo

Freehand Pro Yo Yo - Best Starter 5A Yo Yo

Designed by Duncan, the originators of Freehand style play, we like this yo yo so much we used it to teach the 5A fundamentals on our site. Excellent for both 5A and 1A style yo yoing.

Get the Freehand Pro

Canon Yo Yo - Best for Learning 5A

Designed by World Champion Jake Elliott, the Canon yo yo has been one of the best selling metal yo yos in our store for over 2 years. Excellent for 3 styles, it excels the most at 5A. Durable, dynamic, and powerful, everything you want in a freehand style yo yo.

Get the Canon Yo Yo
Canon Yo Yo - Best for Learning 5A
Atlas Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo for 5A

Atlas Yo Yo - Best Competition Yo Yo for 5A

Used to the win the 2015 World Yo Yo Contest, the Atlas is ultra stable and provides superior performance for competitive 5A play. Play like a champion!

Get the Atlas Yo yo

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There are many other yo yos besides this.


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