skylight yoyo white blue hub iyoyo
skylight yoyo white blue hub iyoyo
green silver hub skylight yoyo iyoyo
red silver hub skylight yoyo
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yellow silver hub skylight yoyo

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Response Pads


Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the SKYLiGHT Yoyo

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    74.4 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish
    Machined POM

YoYoTricks.com SKYLiGHT Yoyo Review

The SKYLiGHT Yoyo is a master piece of yoyo engineering. Designed in Germany by the iYoYo team, the SKYLiGHT is a machined delrin jack of all trades design that excels in all aspects.

The SKYLiGHT’s H shaped profile is comfortable to hold and easy to throw. The small diameter in the center of the yoyo makes the SKYLiGHT excellent at performing long finger grinds and enables all kinds of amazing offstring tricks.

The inner cup of the SKYLiGHT has the best offstring finger spin cup we have ever tried. Even for beginners, finger spins are easy to land, and the generous concave allows the yoyo to level itself out. Once the 7075 aluminium center hubs locks your finger into place, super long finger spins are simple to perform.

Most of the SKYLiGHT’s weight is placed in the middle of the yoyo in the thick secondary inner rim. This has many play benefits such as increasing the speed and stability of the yoyo. The outer rims are relatively thinner, which allows the SKYLiGHT to bounce just the right amount for making recoveries, a feature players of all skill levels are sure to appreciate.

If you’re looking for a high quality, high performance competition level offstring yoyo the SKYLiGHT is what you want to reach for!

Manufacturer's Description of The SKYLiGHT Yoyo

One of our key principles at iYoYo is: If we can improve a yoyo, we will.

Our former Offstring yoyo iCEBREAKER received amazing feedback from players worldwide. However, during a great conversation during German Nationals with World Champ Naoto Okada and European Champ Quentin Godet, we got some great ideas how to make it even better. After several prototypes and months of beta testing by players, we can proudly say: SKYLiGHT is the best Offstring yoyo we ever made. It’s stable, it’s fast, it bounces well – and it can fingerspin like no other Offstring yoyo on the market today. You surely do not want to miss out on this one!

Additional information

Weight115 g
Dimensions4 × 3 × 2 in

Any Color SKYLiGHT Yoyo – Surprise Me!, White Blue Hub SKYLiGHT Yoyo, Green Silver Hub SKYLiGHT Yoyo, Red Silver Hub SKYLiGHT Yoyo, Blue Pink Hub SKYLiGHT Yoyo, Yellow Silver Hub SKYLiGHT Yoyo

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