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Slingshot GT is a simple exciting way to get into a green triangle that can be used for dramatic music cues.

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Slingshot GT Yoyo Trick

In this video, I am going to teach you how to do the Slingshot GT, which looks like this:

To start off this trick, you are going to throw a Trapeze. Then you are going to take your non throwhand and rotate it outwards, so that it is facing behind you. Then you are going to dismount by whipping the string behind the yoyo and towards your body. Make sure that the string is going under your upper arm. From here you are going to take your throwhand and reach into the gap created between your forearm and the string. You are going to hook the string segment connected to the yoyo. Then you are going to pull up and mount the yoyo onto the string from underneath. Then you are going to pull tight. Now, you are going to release the string that you are holding with your throwhand. It is going to snap like a slingshot. The string will fall faster than the yoyo does, and that will land it into a Green Triangle. Then you are going to dismount off the front, and bind.

If you are having a tough time with this slingshot element, just remember that the string should be going behind the yoyo when it snaps, instead of in front. If it goes in front, the yoyo will just fall through. What you want to do is to compensate for this, you are going to pull towards your shoulder, and that will cause the string to go behind the yoyo, into a triangle. And that was the Slingshot GT.

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