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Learn how to do the Double Down Yoyo Trick from US National 1A Yoyo Champion Evan Nagao.

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Double Down Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do Double Down, which looks like this:

To start this trick off, you are going to throw a Trapeze. Then you are going to hook with your non throwhand and dismount the yoyo. You are going to take your throwhand and bring it around your head so the string is going over your neck and pull the yoyo up so it is just below chest height. Then you are going to bring your throwhand across your body so that the string goes into the gap of the yoyo. Making sure that your non throwhand index finger is facing backwards, you are going to run your finger along the string, around your neck, and underpass the yoyo. Then you are going to point your non throwhand index finger outwards and bring your throwhand next to the yoyo and also point it outwards. Then pull on your non throwhand outwards and upwards, which will cause the yoyo to go around your neck, around your index finger on your throwhand, and land into a Double or Nothing. If you are having trouble landing this trick, you can allow the yoyo to go around your thumb as well as your index finger on your throwhand. This will open up the strings and allow you to catch the Double or Nothing a little bit easier. Also, to really make this trick look good, make sure you give a sharp tug on the string and hold your hands and head still. This will cause the trick to have a dramatic effect and make it look really good. From here, you can go into any trick that starts from Double or Nothing, such as The Matrix, and create your own combos. If you are getting any string burn on your neck, what I suggest is to tug on your non throwhand more upwards than outwards. That will cause the yoyo to go around your neck rather than rub against your skin. And that was Double Down.

So to continue with the trick, you are going to bring your non throwhand around your neck, and then pull the yoyo up and around, and let-

-Evan, Dude

-Bro, we are filming, seriously?

-I just got my Wedge

-Bro, I have a Wedge right here, nobody cares about your Wedge.

-I got the Wedge.

-Oh no way!

-It’s the special edition

-No way! That’s the special edition?

-Fresh from the factory!

-Special Edition! No Way! Oh Man! That is sick! Ohhhh!

-That is one cheesy baby!

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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