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Learn how to do pinwheels, a great transitional yoyo trick.

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Pinwheel Yoyo Trick
This trick is called pinwheels and it looks like this. Now pinwheels, to think about how to do it, it is not that difficult. It can be challenging to learn at first for a couple of reasons that I will explain. Let’s get to the mechanics first.

If you have already learned your side-mount corrections then this trick is not going to be that difficult to understand. Just like your side-mount correction where you miss to the outside of the string, to get it back onto the trapeze you are going to have to drop your finger and then stick your fingers back out to get it back onto the trapeze. The pinwheel is exactly that same motion except the yoyo is not going to stop its motion. So as it passes underneath you are just going to drop your finger and pinch the string and then open it back up so that it can continue its motion around. That is really how the pinwheel is done.

What can make the pinwheel challenging is that you have to make sure to keep the yoyo spinning on the same plane that you threw the yoyo. So if you threw it like this you want to make sure that it is still spinning on the same plane. You can see that if you try to spin it this way you can see that the spin dies almost immediately. So that raises a different problem: how do you keep it from just landing right back on the trapeze while you are trying to do your pinwheels? So to cope with that what you should do is just pull your trapeze hand back just a little bit and that will allow you to continue to do your pinwheels without it running right into the trapeze.

The pinwheels are actually a really great trick to add into other tricks just for transitional purposes. If you want you can throw a couple of pinwheels in right before your trapeze just to get it on. Maybe you want to bounce it off and then go into your double or nothing. There are all sorts of places you can put it. You can do pinwheels with your left hand, which is the normal way. You can even do them with your right hand and then go right in. They really fit just about anywhere and they are really fantastic elements.

Those are the pinwheels.

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