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Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother yoyo trick video.

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Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother. Kind of a mouthful, but here it is. The trick is basically just a series of mounts just like you’ve seen. So, you want to start off with your side-mount. You are going to pop it off and let it wrap around the middle finger of your opposite hand, and then you are going to catch it after it wraps around the first finger on your yoyo hand. Then you are just going to swing it back and catch it in your basic side-mount. That’s pretty much the whole trick.

There is one variation that I would like to show you on this video. When you hop it off the string, instead of catching in on your middle finger what you want to do is just kind of pinch the string. After you catch it on the string you can point that first finger forward again. What that will allow you to do is to pop the yoyo up and do a little hop and to get it right back onto your Trapeze that way. And it looks pretty smooth when you do it well. Just like that.

Those are just two variations on Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother.

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