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Learn how to do the Laceration yoyo trick.

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Laceration Yoyo Trick

This trick is called Laceration, and it looks like this.

As you can see the Laceration is just a different way to get into your side mount or into your Man on the Flying Trapeze. The way it’s done: you just want to start off with a Breakaway throw. And you are going to take the string, and you are going to pop it up, you are going to take the string and you are going to whip it right into the groove of the yoyo. When you do that you can see that it opens up just a little bit of a loop. To complete your Laceration you are going to just stick your first finger right in that loop and that is going to form your trapeze. Just like that.

That is the conventional way of doing that. There is a different way of doing the Laceration that is a little bit easier. For some of the Old School yoyoers they may say that this is not technically a Laceration, but I will show it to you anyway. For this one all you are going to do is do your sideways throw again and instead of whipping the string into the groove of the yoyo you are just going to whip it underneath the yoyo and stick your finger right in and land your trapeze right there. As you can see that is a whole lot easier to do and it is a little bit more dynamic because you can pop the yoyo up really high and really whip the string over. There’s a lot of different things that you can do with it. So either way, if you want to do the trick the conventional way or this easier way, that’s Laceration.

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