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Learn how to do the Cross-Arm Trapeze yoyo trick.

Cross-Arm Trapeze Yoyo Trick
This trick is the Cross-arm Trapeze, and it looks like this. Just like that. Dismount, get it right back onto your Trapeze.

So this trick, it’s not too complicated, but it can be a little bit of a mind bender if you haven’t gotten used to doing tricks with your arms crossed so I’ll show you a couple of tips to help you get through this one. So to start this trick you’re going to throw it just like you normally would for a regular Trapeze, you’re going to throw a Breakaway and of course the yoyo is going to swing across your body. For normal Trapeze you’re gonna intercept the string with your first finger and just get it right on. But for the Cross-arm Trapeze you’re going to want to move your opposite hand under your yoyo hand just like this, and then swing the yoyo up above the string and then have it fall back down onto the mount, just like that.

Now, one of the main problems that people have when they’re learning this, one of the ways they do it wrong, is instead of bringing their opposite hand under their yoyo hand, they actually try to bring it over the top just like this. You don’t want to do that, you want to make to make sure your hand is coming under and that the yoyo is swinging up under the string just like that.

Another problem that you may experience is when you do this trick properly the yoyo is going to be on the outside of your arms when it’s interacting with the string. So another way you might try to do it is to the inside of your arms. Again, that’s not exactly right, you want to keep it on the outside and that way you can do a lot of the variations that we’re going to show you.

So once you get it on to the mount, then you want to be able to dismount it, and so the first one that we can show you is just to bring your hands back to their normal positions, you want to hook this string right here, and dismount the yoyo off the string, and then you can get it right back onto the Trapeze.

One problem you may have when you’re doing that is it’s actually kind of set up for a Bind so if you pull your hand apart too far the yoyo will Bind. If that’s giving you a lot of problems then you can actually just do your dismount right from over here. So you’re gonna hook the string, dismount the yoyo, and then as the yoyo is swinging across you uncross your hands and get it back onto the Trapeze.

So that just looks like this.
And what’s neat about that one is that you can actually use that one for a Repeater. So you can get it onto the trick, dismount it but leave your arms crossed , and you can just keep mounting and remounting just like that.

So like I said we’re gonna show you another video where we’re going to show you a couple different variations, but for now that is the Cross-arm Trapeze.

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