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DV888 Yoyo

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dv888 aqua yoyo yoyofactory
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Shadow Pads - 19mm Response Pads


Polyester Yoyo String


Nylon Yoyo Gloves – optional


Ball Counterweight – optional


With the reinvention of the DV888 yoyo as a responsive yoyo, we felt it was our duty to offer an upgrade pack that would allow the DV888 yoyo to surpass its former glory, to play unresponsive even better than ever. Unlike other DV888 upgrade kits that include a flat bearing, we include a VIP bearing as well as thin yoyo lube, making this the best way to get your hands on a DV888 yoyo and set it up for advanced unresponsive play.

The DV888 Yoyo Unresponsive Pro Pack includes:

  • The DV888 Yoyo – A modern classic, the DV888 yoyo offers great play in both responsive and unresponsive modes.
  • VIP Bearing – Our Unresponsive Pro Pack for the DV888 includes a superior bearing to competitors upgrade kits, bringing the play of the DV888 yoyo to new heights.
  • 12mm Stainless Steel Bolt – With the inclusion of the VIP bearing, which is wider than the slim bearing that now comes in the DV888 yoyo, this longer bolt keeps the yoyo together during play.
  • YYF Slim Pads – Swap out the included thick pads for these slim pads to widen the gap on the DV888 yoyo for advanced unresponsive play.
  • YoTricks Thin Yoyo Lube – Just a drop (even less than a drop, actually) of this lube on either side of the bearing will keep your DV888 yoyo bearing playing smooth and will help it last much longer than playing dry.
  • 10 Polyester Strings – Perfect for advanced play with the DV888 Yoyo by YoYoFactory.

A smashing deal! $51.94 of product for $44.99.

Additional information

DV888 Yoyo

Shadow Pads - 19mm Response Pads

Polyester Yoyo String

Nylon Yoyo Gloves

Ball Counterweight

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