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Learn the trick Wave Rider, as well as the elements of rolling, unrolling, and manual and slack unwraps, to incorporate into your own braintwister combos.

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Wraps and Slack: Vol. 2 Braintwister Combo Series Yoyo Trick
This is the second video in the Braintwister Combo series. In this video, I am going to be teaching you four new elements and showing you how to incorporate these into your combos. These elements are the Wave Rider, Rolling, Unrolling, the Manual Unwrap, and the Slack Unwrap.

Now as you may have noticed, at the start of that combo, I did a few Braintwisters. As you know from our braintwister video, performing this trick will wrap the string around your finger. This can be used to artificially shorten the string, and it sometime can make it easier to land the tricks and to speed them up. Now, you can use one, two, or three fingers, just know that the more fingers you use, the more the string will wrap around your finger per revolution.

Now that we have that taken care of, let us take a look at Wave Rider. Now the first step in wave rider looks very similar to the reverse flip. But, instead of moving your hands around each other, you are going to try and keep your hands still. You are going to toss the yoyo back and catch it with your throwhand. Now, once you are here, you are going to throw the yoyo from your throwhand to your non throwhand. This will end you back in the same place as where you started. You can do wave rider as many times as you would like. The more still you keep your hands, the better the trick will look. You can also do wave rider on the outside by pointing your throwhand fingers outwards.

Next is rolling and unrolling. This trick is fairly self explanatory. You are going to roll the yoyo forward on your non throwhand and you can do this as many times as you like. But, you will notice that with every revolution, it adds a wrap to your finger and shortens the string going to the yoyo. You will want to be careful that you do not roll the yoyo too many times, because eventually it will hit your finger and stop spinning. So once you have got this down, it is time to unwrap the yoyo. The most simple and straightforward method is unrolling. All you need to do is roll the yoyo in the opposite direction.

If you want to add a bit of flare to this, you can do the slack unwrap. Now you will notice that this slack element is identical to the flourish in the second trick that we teach in our Go-To Binds video. You can perform this with as many wraps on your finger as you would like. Now, a common mistake that players have while learning this is the string getting tangled up like this. All that means is that the slack is not going over the top of your finger. To correct this, all you need to do is throw this slack higher so that it clears your finger. This will keep it from getting tangled up as when you throw it too low.

The manual unwrap is a bit easier to learn, but we do recommend artificially shortening your string like we mentioned earlier in the video. This can make it easier to learn the trick and make it look better. To perform this element, you are going to rotate your throwhand around the front of your non throwhand and underneath the yoyo. You will want to make sure that the string is going in between the yoyo and your non throwhand. Now note that while performing this element, it does add a wrap to your throwhand. You can prevent this by curling your fingers inwards.

Once you have learned these four elements, it is time to start stacking them with each other and with the other elements that you have learned in this video series. This first stacked element incorporates the manual unwrap and unrolling. When performed together, it should look like this. You will notice that it removes two wraps of string from your finger. Now if you are having trouble performing this stacked element, you want to make sure that the yoyo and the string are in a separate plane so that your yoyo does not get all knotted up.

Next is the wave rider. Now there is lots of different ways to stack elements within the wave rider. Using the forward momentum, you can go double on. From here, you can also do a double on wave rider. You can also use the reverse momentum to go double on the braintwister mount. There is lots of different way to dismount from here. One way is doing a braintwister right out of it. So, learn these four elements, start stacking them together, and you are one step closer to building the ultimate braintwister combo.

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