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Learn the most basic wind for offstring yoyos.

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Basic Wind for Offstring Yoyos Yoyo Trick
So, once you’ve got your offstring yoyo – obviously you’ve got your yoyo and your string – but since it is not attached we need a new way to wind it. So I am going to show you the most basic wind in this video just to get you started. There are much faster ways to wind which I will teach you in a different video. For now this is good enough.

All you are going to do is take the end of the string right here and lay it on top of the yoyo, and just pinch it right here with your thumb, right on the edge. You don’t want to leave too much overhand or else the yoyo can bind up, but you know, you can have a little bit.

You are just going to pinch it here, and you are going to wind the yoyo up normally. When you get to about half way you can just un-pinch that and wind it right into the yoyo. When you throw it, then that little bit of extra string that you put in there is just going to come right back out.

That is pretty much it. That is the basic wind (for your offstring yoyo). Like I said, there are faster ways to wind an offstring yoyo, and we will get to those, but for now that is how you wind your offstring yoyo.

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