fizz yoyo beginner pack

Fizz Yoyo Beginner Pack

$22.96 $19.99

Fizz Yoyo

Type 6 Polyester Yoyo Strings

Polyester Yoyo String

Blue Bloop - Yoyo Holder

YoTricks Bloop - Yoyo Holder

Yoyo Finger Wrap (AKA Yoyo Tape)

Yoyo Finger Wrap


The Fizz Beginner Pack includes the Fizz Yoyo, as well as immensely helpful accessories for players just starting to learn yoyo tricks. The pack comes with a 10 pack of polyester string, which allows you to change the Fizz Yoyo’s string to keep it playing well, or in case a string breaks. A roll of Finger Tape is included, which protects your yoyo finger when first learning tricks, and allows you to practice for longer with no pain. Finally, there is a bloop to hold the Fizz conveniently at your side.

The Fizz Beginner Pack includes:

  • The Fizz Yoyo: The ideal yoyo for players just starting to learn how to yoyo
  • 10 Polyester Strings: We recommend players replace their strings every 4-8 hours of play for best performance
  • Finger Tape: Protects your yoyo finger for pain free practice
  • Bloop: Carry your Fizz in style!

A popping deal. $22.96 worth of product for $19.99.

Additional Information

Weight130 g
Dimensions2.5 x 1.75 x 4.5 in

Fizz Yoyo

Fizz YoYo Colors

Any Color Fizz Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Green Fizz Yoyo

YoTricks Bloop - Yoyo Holder

Bloop Colors

Blue Bloop, Red Bloop, Green Bloop, Purple Bloop, Black Bloop, Orange Bloop

Yoyo Finger Wrap

Yoyo Finger Wrap Colors

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Blue Yoyo Finger Wrap, Green Yoyo Finger Wrap, Teal Yoyo Finger Wrap, Black Yoyo Finger Wrap