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***Three UltraWeights are shown in the picture, but only one UltraWeight is included per purchase***

The UltraWeight is a Machined Delrin Counterweight designed by 5a World Yoyo Champion Jake Elliott.

Jake, a certified machinist, designed the UltraWeight along side the Canon Yoyo. Jake hand machined over 30 prototypes for the UltraWeight, slowly refining the design with the goal to bring counterweight technology into the modern era.

The UltraWeight is made from machined delrin. Delrin is an incredibly strong plastic that won’t crack or break, even under extreme conditions. Because the UltraWeight is machined and not injection molded, every UltraWeight is consistent when it comes to size, shape, and weight.

The UltraWeight has perfectly flat sides as well as rounded corners and edges. This makes the UltraWeight less painful when you hit your knuckles, but also makes the counterweight easier to catch and control in the hand when doing advanced 5a tricks.

The UltraWeight features a ball bearing on the inside to help adjust string tension. The ball bearing allows the string to twist itself around with very little friction, so that the string naturally corrects it’s tension as you are performing 5a catch and release tricks.

Because the string is attached directly in the middle of the counterweight, the UltraWeight has a different pivot point when compared to most counterweights. While this may seem like a minor feature, this pivot point changes how the counterweight moves, and makes for more accurate counterweight swings and rebounds.

Whether you’re a starting 5a player looking to learn tricks, or a world class 5a competitor, you need look no further than the UltraWeight for the best possible counterweight performance.

The UltraWeight has a weight of 11.3 grams.

The UltraWeight is officially licensed by Duncan Toys Company, Patent 6,371,824.

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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