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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Base Weight
    63.32 grams
  • Shipping Weight
    66.07 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com Gradient Yoyo Review

The One Drop Gradient is a fast yoyo for skilled players that offers great maneuverability for advanced string tricks and off-axis style play, and is also particularly good for finger grinds.

The Gradient Yoyo has a very distinctive feel. It is light and fast, but at the same time it does not take quite as much focus to control it as other fast and light yoyos. This makes the Gradient yoyo especially fun to play with, because it practically begs you to move as fast as you can, without punishing you by making you lose control. In other words, if speed is what you are working on, this is a great yoyo to test your limits.

These same qualities make the Gradient equally dynamic for off-axis play. The Gradient yoyo is able to change directions quickly during play, which is a must during off-axis yoyoing, because the yoyo needs to stay in constant motion. Because of its light weight it also moves through these tricks with a light touch, which feels great once a trick has been mastered.

The flared shape of the Gradient yoyo also makes it especially good for finger grinds. Once you have mastered balancing the yoyo on your finger while it spins the Gradient makes it relatively easy to keep control and to extend the life of your grind to the extreme. This allows for all kinds of grind variations that would be quite challenging to learn on a yoyo that is not so adept at this kind of grind.

The Gradient comes with One Drop’s 10 ball bearing which plays smooth and consistent. If you are interested in off-axis play we recommend considering a KonKave bearing, which will keep the smooth feel of the Gradient, but help keep the yoyo even more stable during difficult tricks. The Gradient Yoyo also comes equipped with One Drop’s patented Side Effects, which can be swapped out to achieve a different look and feel during play.

Manufacturer's Description of The Gradient Yoyo

We initially approached team player Graeme Steller with the idea of making him a signature yo-yo at the beginning of 2014. Graeme, deep in his second semester of college, politely declined because he wanted to wait until he could give the design process his full attention. After finishing final exams, he immediately flew out to the One Drop Factory in Eugene, ready to begin working on the yo-yo with three goals in mind: exceptional competition-ready play, great looks, and affordability.

Graeme wanted his signature yo-yo to be inspired by different elements from some of his favorite throws, and then melded together into a unique design that could handle anything he could throw at it. After a long design session, the Gradient was created.

The Cascade type weight distribution promotes maneuverability, and the bigger size promotes stability allowing the Gradient to ride the line between those two forces while still being speedy. It features a large, open concave catch zone to facilitate horizontal play. Graeme decided to add a single “Projection Profile” groove to accent this wide catch zone, adding a unique aesthetic touch. Side Effects are the axle system of choice, and the Gradient ships with spikes.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.25 × 2.5 in
Gradient Yoyo Colors

Any Color Gradient Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Red Gradient Yoyo, Blue Gradient Yoyo, Green Gradient Yoyo, G-M Gray Gradient Yoyo, Purple Gradient Yoyo, Black Gradient Yoyo, Gold Gradient Yoyo, Clear Gradient Yoyo, Pewter Gradient Yoyo, Desert Sand Gradient Yoyo, Yotricks Edition Splash Gradient Yoyo (add $20), Nickle Plated Gradient Yoyo (add $20)

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