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Duncan SkyHawk Yoyo
Red Duncan Skyhawk Yoyo
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    78.9 grams
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YoYoTricks.com Duncan SkyHawk Yoyo Review

The Duncan SkyHawk yoyo is a great option for any offstring player. It is wide enough to make tricks easier for players who are new to 4a, or offstring style yoyoing, but it is also capable enough and fast enough for even the most competitive offstring players.

For new offstring players the SkyHawk has a number of features we really appreciate. First, it has a nice wide design. The most obvious advantage here is that the SkyHawk is easier to catch on the string than more narrow offstring yoyos. This makes learning the basics much less frustrating. Despite its width, however, the SkyHawk is not excessively large, making it comfortable to hold and throw.

The SkyHawk yoyo also has a great deal to offer to advanced 4a players. Duncan made a good choice by adding metal rings more towards the center of the yoyo as this allows the SkyHawk yoyo to play quite fast. For competitive play this is an absolute necessity since more tricks means more points. The amazing thing about this design is that they have coupled a wide format with fast play without sacrificing control. The weight distribution gives the yoyo a solid feel that translates into confidence during play. The SkyHawk yoyo seems to know what you want from it, and it is happy to oblige.

Duncan has also chosen to include its flipside bearing technology in the SkyHawk yoyo, which allows the player to decide if they would prefer to use a size C bearing (which is include with the yoyo) or a smaller size A bearing (not included). This is great for any player who has grown comfortable with one bearing size, since they will not be forced to switch. For players who are still experimenting with their preferred setup, the ability to swap bearings will allow for greater experimentation so any player should be able to find the setup that suits their style.

Concerning string, we did find one additional advantage to the Duncan SkyHawk yoyo. In our initial experiments with the SkyHawk we found binds were a little slippy for our taste, especially when attempting more advanced open string binds. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. To compensate for this slippy feel we experimented with wider string like fat Kitty String and fat HighEndString. Not only did this solve the problem, it also offers a distinct competitive advantage. Fatter string tends to resist wind better than other string when playing outdoors, and it is also better for whips and slack elements. The SkyHawk Yoyo, by allowing for this fatter string, offers these significant benefits to offstring players.

All in all we are quite pleased with Duncan’s newest foray into the offstring world, and happily recommend it to any offstring player, new or advanced.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.75 × 3 in
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Any Color SkyHawk Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Neon Green SkyHawk Yoyo, Red SkyHawk Yoyo, Blue SkyHawk Yoyo, White SkyHawk Yoyo

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