Paul Kerbel

International Yoyo Champion


About Paul Kerbel

Paul Kerbel is known for his acrobatic performances and big tricks. He pioneered the use of complex fingerspin tricks through his competitive routines, and remains one of the only highly competitive players to incorporate a ball cap into his tricks. In Mexico he has won the national contest in multiple divisions, and is routinely a finalist in 1a at the World Yoyo Contest. His signature yoyo, the Horizon, has become legendary and is ever the favorite of players who prefer bold and exciting tricks.

personal info
my story

I started yoyoing in 2005, and I learned how to yoyo at 'Parque México' in Mexico City. I still go to the weekly meetings and teach yoyo tricks so come say hi!

Paul Kerbel's Signature

Horizon Yoyo

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1A Finalist

Won 4th place in 1A yoyoing at the 2014 World Yoyo Contest using the Horizon Yoyo.

1A Open Division Champion

Won 1st place in 1A yoyoing at the 2014 EYYC using the Horizon Yoyo.

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Horizon Ultra Yoyo

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