October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month – Week 1

Help Make YoTricks.com AwesomerThis year has been awesome! Besides some great improvements to the website and iOS app, most weeks we have been able to post 1-2 new trick videos, and have added Connor and Chrissy to the YoTricks team. We have even become the most popular dedicated yoyo channel on YouTube (based on subscribers)!

But, with your support YoTricks can become even more awesome, dare we say… AWESOMER!

October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month. Each week we will be detailing a different way that you can help spread the word about YoTricks. The more people who know about YoTricks.com and actively use the site, the more time we can invest to make it better than ever!

#1 – Write About YoTricks

One of the best ways you can make YoTricks.com awesome(r) is to write about it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First, if you have a website or a blog, write an article about YoTricks. Writing about how you got into yoyoing, or how our videos helped you learn is a great place to start. Be sure to provide a link in the article to YoTricks.com. Also, if you mention a trick or two, feel free to embed our YouTube videos to help explain the tricks.

Second, think about writing an article on yoyoing for your school newsletter. Our website has a lot of information that can help you put together a great article, and you can mention that our website is a great place to get started learning tricks and to pick up yoyo supplies. You can also recommend our iOS app to help people learn how to yoyo on the go!

To help you as you write, members of the YoTricks Team are available for interviews and would be happy to answer questions you might have about yoyoing, YoTricks, or ourselves. Just send us an email through the YoTricks contact page with a few questions and a brief description of what you are working on. You can also check out each team member’s bio page for information on them. Links to a player’s bio page can be found above any trick video featuring that player on YoTricks.

Finally, once you’ve found a place to write about YoTricks, let us know about it. We’d love to take the time to thank you on our Facebook page and we may even feature it in our upcoming newsletters!

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