Website Updates and New Features

We have been busy the past couple of weeks making all kinds of updates to the website. Most of the updates we have made recently have been to the backend of the website and isn’t noticeable on the front-end to our users. We have, however, added a few new features to the site that make browsing YoTricks even better than before. We’ve highlighted these new features below.

Yoyo Trick of the Day

Yoyo Trick of the Day

One of our favorite features we added to the website in the past couple of weeks is the Yoyo Trick of the Day section on the homepage.

We designed the Yoyo Trick of the Day as a way to feature one yoyo trick everyday from any play style and difficulty. We thought this would help users find videos they haven’t seen before and introduce the many styles of play to users that may have been unaware of them.

The videos featured in this section change everyday at around midnight EST and are selected at random. So, be sure to check back everyday to see what the new Yoyo Trick of the Day is!

New Yoyo Tricks Page

Yoyo Tricks Page

The Yoyo Tricks Page is one of the most visited pages on the entire website. We felt that the old Yoyo Tricks page wasn’t very user friendly and didn’t make much sense as far as what tricks to learn and where to go depending on your skill level.

Because of this, we have completely redesigned the Yoyo Tricks Page and made it into an information hub for all the different styles of yoyoing including information on what each style is and what yoyo is best for learning that style.

If you have any questions on what yoyo to get to start learning or where you should start, check out the new Yoyo Tricks Page for all the answers you need!

Recommendations for Out of Stock Products

What Should I Get InsteadSince the Luminator is no longer being made, we have been receiving a lot questions asking what yoyo one should get instead. So, we decided to develop a feature to tell users what product we recommend as an alternative to an out of stock product.

If you come across a product that is out of stock, just look for the green button that says “What Should I Get Instead” and a window will appear displaying the recommended product with a detailed explanation as to why we recommend that product as an alternative.

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