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Learn how to lube your yo-yo bearing for better response and consistency.

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Lubricating the Bearing Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to lubricate the bearings on your yo-yos. A lot of new yo-yos these days, and particularly the Dominator and the Luminator have ball bearings in them and in order to make the yo-yos work properly you need to know how to properly lubricate the bearing. In particular, you will notice in my videos where I use the Dominator, especially the videos that have to do with looping, I recommend that you use a yo-yo that is playing very responsive (that means that as soon as the yo-yo gets to the end of the string it is going to come right back) because that is going to make those tricks a whole lot easier to learn than if the yo-yo is not coming back immediately. If you want to make that happen then a big part of making that happen is this lubrication. We have tested quite a lot of different lubes and we found that this one works especially well and that is why we recommend it

The first thing you want to do when you lube your bearing is, of course, take your yo-yo apart. There are two different places where you will want to lubricate the bearing. You want to lubricate the bearing itself, but you also want to lubricate the plastic under the bearing.

When you lubricate the bearing, you want to get out your lube here, you just want to set a little bit of lube right on top of the bearing itself. Just like this. You will see that it pools all the way around the bearing. What you will also notice is that if you wait long enough it will actually sink right down into the bearing, and that is exactly what you want because you want this lube to get in between the little balls that are on the inside that help it spin. That is going to help the yo-yos become a whole lot more responsive.

Once you have done that the yo-yo is going to be responding a little bit better, but if you really want it to come back a whole lot better then you probably want to put some lube right on the axle here. Now I do not mean that you want to put it on the bolt. Where you want to put it is right here on this little bit of plastic where the bearing actually touches the yo-yo. That is where the bearing sits. If you find that your bearing is easy to get off then you can put a little bit of lubrication right on this part too.

You don’t need a whole lot because it is just going to smooth around all by itself once you get the yo-yo spinning. Once you have lubed up the bearing enough all you want to do is take the yo-yo and put it right back together. Once you get your string on that you are going to find that it is going to be working a whole lot better than it was before. Your looping tricks especially are going to be easier to learn. But really all of your tricks are going to be easier to learn because the yo-yo is going to come right back as soon as you pull it up.

That is how you lube your yo-yo bearing.

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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