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Learn the Cross-Arm Toss Offstring Yoyo Trick (4A).

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Cross-Arm Toss Yoyo Trick
This trick is the Cross-Arm Toss. It looks like this. You can also do a variation that looks like this. I will show you both of those.

For your Cross-Arm Toss, all that is happening is you are going to do your Basic Toss (and Catch) and you are going to push your yoyo hand forward and catch the yoyo on the string. There are actually a lot of subtle variations that you can do. The first one, is when you toss it if you bend your tops hands to the left, then you can see that your yoyo bounces to the outside of the top-string. If you turn them to the right then the yoyo bounces to the inside. When you are doing different catches, when you start – again, just to get some variation – you can toss it to the outside, to the inside and that will just give you something else that you can do with the trick, make it look a little more interesting.

When you do the trick – we will start with the outside to inside – we are going to bend the string to the left, bounce it up. Again, just push our yoyo hand forward. Really all that’s happening is you are starting with your hands like this and you are just going to switch them. The bottom hand stays on the bottom, the top hand stays on the top. When you want to do your outside catch all that is different is you are going to turn your top hand over and you are going to take your bottom hand and push it to the outside. I’ll show you what I mean by that. So you just turn your top and over and you move your bottom hand to the outside, and that is what creates that catch zone with the string, because the string is completely on the outside.

Once you get better at the trick you can do different variations. There are four possible with what I showed you here. You can toss it outside to inside, you can go inside to inside, you can go outside to outside, and you can go inside to outside. You can put those together in any order you like once you get comfortable with those and you will discover there are even more tosses you can do. We will get to a couple of those. But for now that is the Cross-Arm-Toss.

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