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Shutter Yoyo


Kitty String


YYF Slim Pads Blue – optional

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The Shutter Yoyo Competition Pack is designed to help you setup for Shutter for competition level play with the Shutter Yoyo. This pack includes the peerless Center Trac Ultimate bearing for extreme play, the YoYoFactory Multitool to make removing bearings and cutting strings easy, Thin Yoyo Lube to keep your bearings playing great without wearing out, and Kitty String, a high quality string beloved by players around the world.

The Shutter is the signature yoyo of National and World Yoyo Champion Gentry Stein. This pack was designed to closely match the setup Gentry Stein uses when he competes with this yoyo.

The Shutter Yoyo Competition Pack includes:

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Additional information

Shutter Yoyo

Shutter Yoyo Color

Any Color Shutter Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Silver Shutter Yoyo, Aqua Shutter Yoyo, Black Shutter Yoyo, Red Black Splatter Shutter Yoyo, Blue Shutter Yoyo, Pink Shutter Yoyo, Yotricks Edition Shutter Yoyo, Death Splash Color Yoyo (Add $5), Blue Silver Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5), Red Orange Fade Shutter Yoyo (Add $5)

Kitty String

Kitty String Type

Regular, Fat

Kitty String Color

Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Black, Red, White