Players Pack Duncan Yoyo Origami

Origami Yoyo Players Pack

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Origami Yoyo Duncan Black GOld Orange

Origami Yoyo

Kitty String Yoyo String

Kitty String

Sage Response Pads Blue

YYF Slim Pads Blue – optional

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The Orgiami Yoyo Players Pack includes the stellar Origami Yoyo, along with a Ultraweight for optimal 5a performance. A package of 10 Kitty strings has also been included, which helps the Origami play at its best. A YYF Multitool helps cut strings and remove axles and bearings, and a bottle of Thin Yoyo Lube keeps the Origami Yoyo’s KonKave bearing spinning for years to come.

The Origami Yoyo Players Pack includes:

A good deal. $75.46 worth of product for only $69.99.

Additional Information

Origami Yoyo

Origami Colors

Silver Origami Yoyo, Blue Origami Yoyo

Kitty String

Kitty String Type

Regular, Fat

Kitty String Color

Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Black, Red, White