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YoYoTricks.com Yoyo Jigsaw Puzzle – Rain City Skills collection Review

Like most people, I have always enjoyed a good puzzle (with a cup of tea, of course!). But as a yoyo professional, the idea of a yoyo puzzle just didn’t make sense. I’m not sure why, to be honest. I’ve done puzzles of all kinds like hot air balloons, historic scenes and villages, unicorns (I have 4 daughters after all), trains, and more. Why not a yoyo puzzle?

Rain City Skills showed me just how much sense it makes to have a yoyo themed puzzle, especially as a yoyo enthusiast!

I had a great time putting together the puzzle (just like any puzzle) but with a subtle amount of extra enjoyment. It was a surreal experience seeing the familiar shapes and colors of yoyos that I recognized and had even used. I could see the texture of the strings on the yoyo and begleri and it felt, somehow, nostalgic (even though I had a yoyo sitting right next to me). The details were enough that I could the use my knowledge as clues to help me find a pieces location, everything from the colors, to the angles and bearing placement, and of course the instant realization that the tiny silver mark you are looking at is, in fact, a ding on the yoyo (Oh! how I felt Mr. Yoyothrower’s pain!).

This 500 piece puzzle is a must for anyone who likes puzzles and yoyos (or just puzzles!). And if you are a yoyo enthusiast who isn’t big into puzzles (which is inconceivable), get one anyways. You’ll enjoy this one!

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Weight 475 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.5 in

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