Yoyofactory One Yoyo Unresponsive Kit

YoTricks Edition ONE Yoyo Unresponsive Kit

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ONE Yoyo Color

Sage Response Pads Blue

YYF Slim Pads Blue – optional

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The ONE Yoyo Unresponsive Kit includes everything you need to setup the YoTricks Edition ONE yoyo for unresponsive play. Switching between responsive play and unresponsive play could not be easier. To make the ONE yoyo unresponsive just remove the thin bearing in the ONE yoyo and replace it with the Center Trac bearing included in the kit. If you want to go back to responsive play, just switch them back.

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Weight90 g
Dimensions3 x 3.5 x 2 in

ONE Yoyo Color

One Colors

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Black, Blue, Green