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Wedge Yoyo

wedge yoyo yoyofactory clear silver hub
wedge galaxy yoyo yoyofactory
blue orange wedge yoyo yoyofactory
aqua silver hub wedge yoyo yoyofactory
aqua gold hub wedge yoyo yoyofactory
pink silver hub wedge yoyo
pink gold hub wedge yoyo yoyofactory
yoyofactory red hub glow in the dark wedge yoyo
black hub glow in the dark wedge yoyo yoyofactory
yoyofactory glow in the dark wedge yoyo blue cap
Wedge Yoyo Galaxy
gold hub galaxy wedge yoyo yoyofactory
fire wedge yoyofactory yoyo
galaxy black hub wedge yoyo

Cage Free String

cage free string 10 yellow
cage free string 100 yellow
cage free string 10 yellow
cage free string 100 white
cage free string 10 green
cage free string 100 green

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional

19mm blue response pads yoyofactory
10 Pairs of Blue Response Pads

Nylon Yoyo Gloves – optional


Throwback Counterweights – optional

Merica-Chainmail-Counterweight 2
Delrin Machined UltraWeight Counterweight

The YoYoFactory WEDGE Yoyo Players Pack includes choice accessories for the WEDGE Yoyo. The pack includes the WEDGE Yoyo, a 10 pack of Cage Free string, a bottle of Yotricks thin bearing lube, and a YYF Multitool.

Included in the WEDGE Yoyo Players Pack:

  • WEDGE Yoyo: An amazing plastic yoyo with huge performance
  • Cage Free String: A 10 pack of Cage Free string for tighter binds and better slacks
  • Thin Lube: Used to maintain the WEDGE’s included Center Trac bearing
  • YYF Multitool: Used to remove bearings and axles, and cut string. Handy!

A good deal. $35.96 worth of product for only $29.99.

Additional information

Wedge Yoyo

Cage Free String

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads

Nylon Yoyo Gloves

Throwback Counterweights

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