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The Throwback Skilltoys VIP Bearing is custom designed to being a perfect string centering bearing while offering the tightest binds possible. The VIP Bearing is made from stainless steel and has 10 balls.

Most yoyo bearing have either a flat outer race, or an outer race with some kind of string centering groove cut into it. Flat bearings offer the best binds because the surface of the bearing is close to the response pads, decreasing the amount of string needed to perform a bind, making binds tighter and most consistent. However, the flat shape allows the string to sit wherever it wants to on the outer race, causing the yoyo to become unbalanced and to turn (precess) while spinning.

Eventually, bearing companies started to produce string centering bearings that would hold the string directly in the middle of the bearing, offering many play improvements. However, these benefits came at a cost, causing binds to be less consistent, as more string was required to perform a bind.

This is where the VIP bearing comes in. The shallow V shape of the VIP Bearing is just deep enough to make sure that the string is perfectly centered on the bearing, which minimizes precession. However, the shape is as close to flat as possible, which makes binds and regens easier to perform. The difference is immediately apparent, and the play of the VIP bearing is unlike any other.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .2 in
V.I.P. Bearing Quantity

1 VIP Bearing – $9.99, 3 VIP Bearings – $19.99, 10 VIP Bearings – $59.99

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