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LearnKendama.com Viking Zebra Kendama Review

The KROM Viking Zebra Kendama is a slightly oversized kendama that looks great and plays better.

We went looking for the most refined and stylish kendama we could find, and this naturally led us to KROM. Their Viking Zebra Kendama is a cut above any other wooden kendama we have seen. To overstate it only slightly, having this kendama in your home or office will let everyone know you are a superior person.

The Viking Zebra is slightly over-sized which has the effect of slowing down tricks to make everything easier to learn. The wooden tama is more slippery than a painted tama, but this has the added benefit of helping players perfect their technique when it comes to balancing tricks, making it an ideal kendama to use for players who want to master the most intricate details of any trick.

For us, the Viking Zebra captures so much of what makes kendama so great, and we are happy to make it available to you.

Manufacturer's Description of The Viking Zebra Kendama

The Viking Series is a new addition to the KROM family.

This series has been under development for more than 18 month and finally in the spring of 2014 we were ready to present a new size of kendama to the world.

An original competition kendama was developed to fit the hands of a Japanese player. Today we see more and more players in Europe, the US and other places in the world where the average player is a little bigger then the Japanese.

The Vikings fits perfectly in the hand of most players, the added size makes it ideal for performances where you want to play a normal-feeling kendama but need that little extra size for consistency and so that the people in the back can see.


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Weight270 g
Dimensions9 × 3.25 × 2.75 in

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