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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the Top EX Yoyo

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    64.8 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width

YoYoTricks.com Top EX Yoyo Review

The TopYo Top EX Yoyo is a beautifully designed bi-metal yoyo with two massive stainless steel weight rings. TopYo has long been known for highly innovative designs, and the TopEX is their latest creation.

Though the Top EX may look like is has a massive amount of rim weight, the actual weight distribution is more even, given how far the weight rings extend toward the center of the yoyo. Combined with the light weight of the yoyo, this gives the Top EX a fast and controlled feeling on the string, while still offering a powerful spin. The modest 4.6mm gap width lends itself to perfectly tight binds, which makes performing finger spin tricks with the aluminium cup easier to perform.

We would highly recommend the Top EX to anyone looking for a competition level bi-metal yoyo, or for anyone who wants to add one of the most unique designs ever to their collection.

Manufacturer's Description of The Top EX Yoyo

The TOP series, based on the principle of innovation, has been brewing for several years. The new bold design and mass production of the limit ring structure was born.
EX means Extreme Ultimate.
The yoyo is made of aluminum inner parts inlaid with oversized stainless steel ring, which subverts the bimetal structure and feeling.
It is well known that Big ring bimetalyoyo is a development trend in recent years. However, although the existing large ring yoyo in the market has always been unable to get rid of the shortcomings of bulging shape, too flat outer ring and heavy feeling when you throw it.
Previously, we have been studying how to make big ring&normal shape coordinated, and whether it can further expand the ring, and the full stainless steel yoyo TS. opens a new door for us.
Extreme large stainless steel ring, stable ring structure, the TOP classic shape, unique weight distribution, the TOP series light feeling. Combine these we got the TOP Ex.

Additional information

TopEX Yoyo Color

Silver Gold Rims, Black Gold Rims, Red Silver Rims, Blue Silver Rims

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