Merica-Chainmail-Counterweight 2
Delrin Machined UltraWeight Counterweight

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Add a Throwback Skill Toys’ counterweight to your order so you can do more with your yoyo and learn how to do 5A (freehand yoyo) tricks. The ball counterweight is a great option for anyone interested in trying out 5A, but not sure if they want to commit to it yet. If you know you like 5A and want the best counterweight for learning and practicing (and don’t want to ding up your yoyo), we recommend the Chainmail Counterweight. If you are looking to compete, grab an Ultraweight for the best counterweight play there is.

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Translucent Blue Ball Counterweight (Best Deal), Translucent Red Ball Counterweight (Best Deal), Translucent Yellow Ball Counterweight (Best Deal), Translucent Clear Ball Counterweight (Best Deal), 4 Color Pack Ball Counterweight (Best Deal), Gold Chainmail Counterweight (Best for Learning Tricks), Red Chainmail Counterweight (Best for Learning Tricks), Blue Chainmail Counterweight (Best for Learning Tricks), Purple Chainmail Counterweight (Best for Learning Tricks), Merica Chainmail Counterweight (Best for Learning Tricks), UltraWeight – Machined Delrin Counterweight (Best for Competitive Play – One Count), Counterweight Set (One Random Color of Each Type)

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