sunrise yoyo by iyoyo yellow white cap
sunrise yoyo by iyoyo yellow white cap
marble pink sunrise yoyo iyoyo

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    52 grams
  • Diameter
    58.7 mm
  • Width
    34.5 mm

YoYoTricks.com Sunrise Yoyo Review

The iYoyo Sunrise Yoyo uses a unique size bearing for excellent play. Perfect for all skill levels, the Sunrise is one of our favorite looping yoyos ever made!

The Sunrise has the same plastic body as the very popular Loop 720 Yoyo, which YoYoFactory spent years perfecting to make the perfect looping yoyo shape. However, the Sunrise has a different bearing and spacer system, which offers significant play differences. Overall, we find that the Sunrise is snappier and loops faster than the Loop 720, while still offering excellent spin times.

The Sunrise really is the best of both American and German design. We would highly recommend the Sunrise to any 2a player, whether they are just starting or are already performing the most advanced tricks. 

Manufacturer's Description of The Sunrise Yoyo

With iYoYo, I have created almost anything yoyo-related you can think of – from Beginner Plastic YoYos over custom Bearings, Strings, Pads, Holders, Bags to High-End Bi-Tanium YoYos. Really almost everything. But one thing bugged me: I did not have a 2A YoYo in my Line Up. As a passionate 2A player, this just felt wrong, all the time.

And it’s not that we didn’t try. I had a few different samples machined, even came up with a way to machine (!) starbursts, as investing ~15,000 USD in a Mold and the first run of YoYos would not be feasable as a smaller brand. None of the samples played the way I wanted it.

Sometimes, life can consist of funny coincidences, though.

When I sat at breakfast at Worlds 2018 with @pedroflores aka Ben McPhee, I got an e-Mail from my long-time YoYoJam friend, mentor and fellow-Sunset-Signature-Partner Bill de Boisblanc. He had hand-machined a few spacers that would allow to fit Sunset-sized Bearings in Loop720s and suggested I’d try to make these.

Ben thought the idea as worth picking it up and fast forward a year later, a few prototypes, a lot of help by @yohans34 I can proudly present you: SUNRiSE.

SUNRiSE is based on Loop 720’s shape with custom, YYJ-sized Bearing and spacers. The play is super controllable, slightly “bouncy” at the end of the string, much faster than you’d expect and does spin great. Long enough for any combo I can think of.

These will start to sell next month for 19.99 USD and I’m more than happy I can finally check “Make a great 2A YoYo” off my wishlist for iYoYo.

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 in
Sunrise Yoyo Color

Any Color Sunrise Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Yellow White Cap Sunrise Yoyo, Marble Pink White Cap Sunrise Yoyo

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