loop 720 yoyo orange yoyofactory
loop 720 yoyo orange yoyofactory
loop 720 yoyo blue yoyofactory
loop 720 yoyo glow red cap yoyofactory
clear holographic cap loop 720 yoyo
green purple loop 720 yoyo yoyofactory
yoyofactory loop 720 yoyo black
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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    51 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
    34mm Loop 720 Yoyo Review

The YoYoFactory Loop 720 Yoyo is YoYoFactory’s premier looping yoyo. The Loop 720 is affordable and easy to use.

The Loop 720 Yoyo is based off of the now discontinued design of the community favorite Loop 1080 yoyo. The Loop 720 has a time tested shape that has been iterated on and perfected over the past decade, and the Loop 720 is the best take on this shape yet.

The Loop 720 is a perfect choice for beginner players and pros alike. We’ve been passing the Loop 720s around to our friends, who have had great success mastering their loops and basic 2a tricks with it. The more accomplished 2a players who we’ve had try the Loop 720 appreciate it’s long spin times, easy response, and tilt resistance. The Loop 720 is sure to become the standard looping yoyo for the next generation of 2a players all around the world.

The Loop 720 is also available in a two handed pack here.

Manufacturer's Description of The Loop 720 Yoyo

The all new YoYoFactory Loop720 is designed to be the absolute best starter looping yoyo, helping you progress from beginner to novice/advanced tricks with ease and consistency. The all new body is built around precision components delivering consistent performance with relatively low maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 2 × 2.25 × 3.25 in
Loop 720 Color

Any Color Loop 720 Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Edge Glow Yellow Loop 720 Yoyo, Red Black Cap Loop 720 Yoyo, Blue Loop 720 Yoyo, Orange Loop 720 Yoyo, Glow Red Cap Loop 720 Yoyo, Glow Black Cap Loop 720 Yoyo, Glow Blue Cap Loop 720 Yoyo, Clear Holographic Cap Loop 720 Yoyo, Green Purple Loop 720 Yoyo, Black Loop 720 Yoyo, Translucent Red Loop 720 Yoyo, Banana Yellow Loop 720 Yoyo, Translucent Aqua Loop 720 Yoyo, Gold Loop 720 Yoyo, RECON Loop 720 Yoyo, Clear with Gold Foil Loop 720 Yoyo, Rayon Vert Loop 720 Yoyo, Chrome Loop 720 Yoyo, Fire Marble Loop 720 Yoyo, Glitter Green Loop 720 Yoyo, Evan Blast! Loop 720

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