replay pro galaxy yoyo yoyofactory marble
Replay Pro Yoyo Blue
Halloween Yoyofactory Replay Pro yoyo Black Orange
blue marble red cap replay pro yoyo
yellow teal replay pro yoyo yoyofactory
replay pro galaxy yoyo yoyofactory marble
Mirror silver glitter yoyo pro replay yoyofactory
amber replay pro yoyo yoyofactory marble
yoyofactory replay pro yoyo aqua marble
clear white marble yoyofactory replay pro yoyo
paul han replay pro yoyo orange blue cap
whitereplay Replay Pro Yoyo Yoyofactory
rayon vert black cap replay pro yoyo
purple purple cap replay pro yoyo
pink pink cap yoyofactory replay pro yoyo
orange orange cap yoyofactory replay pro yoyo
clear black marble replay pro yoyo
gray ann connolly signature replay pro yoyo
white black cap replay pro yoyo
white blue cap replay pro yoyo
white red cap replay pro yoyo
white marble pink cap replay pro yoyo
orange green cap replay pro yoyo
blue red cap replay pro yoyo
Replay Pro Yoyo Transparent Black Body Yellow Cap
Replay Pro Yoyo Grey Body Purple Cap
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Price: $15.99

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    68.00 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com Replay Pro Yoyo Review

***Winner of the 2015 National Yoyo Contest.***

For us, the Replay Pro yoyo has changed the landscape of what can be expected from a yoyo under $20. We highly recommend this yoyo for any player who is ready for advanced or unresponsive play and wants maximum performance from a low priced yoyo.

Designed for world yoyo champion Gentry Stein, the Replay Pro shares a lot of the same qualities that has made his metal Shutter yoyo a yearly contender for best budget metal yoyo since its release. Like the Shutter, the Replay Pro is a solid all around performing yoyo which excels at a wide variety of advanced 1a tricks. Also like the Shutter, the Replay Pro comes equipped with a CenterTrac bearing, an extravagance that pays huge dividends in performance for a yoyo at such a low price.

The first time we threw the Replay Pro we were immediately impressed by its solid feel. Despite its price, the Replay is extremely well built and reliable. In terms of tricks, this translates into long spin times, stable play, and the Replay is just a pleasure to throw. The Replay Pro resists tilting and stays on plane during long and complicated combos. Its CenterTrac bearing helps it to excel off-axis style play, and its inner cup even allows for some basic off-axis finger spins.

If your budget is under $20 and you are ready for a yoyo that can go the distance, the Replay Pro yoyo is the obvious choice. It transcends its category. The Replay Pro is not some cheap alternative to what you are really looking for, it is not a solid design ruined with inexpensive plastic and junk parts. The Replay Pro is good. The fact that it is inexpensive is just a bonus.

To get the most out of the Replay Pro, we highly recommend the Replay Pro Yoyo Players Pack, which includes extra strings, along with the YYF Multitool and YoYoTricks.com Thin Yoyo Lube for bearing protection and maintenance.

Manufacturer's Description of The Replay Pro Yoyo

It has been a long term goal and dream of Gentry Stein’s to have his name behind a low price plastic yoyo. We are happy to announce that Gentry has achieved this goal with the all new Gentry Stein Replay Pro! This model has been in development for almost a year, with the focus being on World Champion performance, extreme durability, and a low price point. Replay Pro is constructed of tough poly-carbonate, and uses a Center Trac bearing.

Additional information

Weight 92 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.25 × 1.75 in
Replay Pro Yoyo Color

Any Color Replay Pro Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Black and Teal Replay Pro Yoyo, Yellow and Purple Replay Pro Yoyo, Blue and Orange Replay Pro Yoyo, Blue Replay Pro Yoyo, Green Replay Pro Yoyo, Red Replay Pro Yoyo, Aurora Replay Pro Yoyo, White Signature Replay Pro Yoyo, Fire Replay Pro Yoyo, Orange Black Replay Pro Yoyo, Icon Replay Pro Yoyo, Electric Glow Replay Pro Yoyo, Blue Clear Red Marble Replay Pro Yoyo, Pink Blue Erik Koloski Edition, Aqua Replay Pro Yoyo, Black Gold Replay Pro Yoyo, Smoke Marble Pink Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Ann Connolly Replay Pro Yoyo, Yellow with Teal Replay Pro Yoyo, Galaxy Marble Replay Pro Yoyo, Clear Green Cap Replay Pro, Clear Red Cap Replay Pro, Clear Purple Cap Replay Pro, Clear Aqua Cap Replay Pro, Silver Glitter Mirror Caps Replay Pro, Translucent Orange Replay Pro, Blue White Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Gray Teal Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Amber Marble Replay Pro Yoyo, Aqua Marble Replay Pro Yoyo, Clear White Marble Replay Pro, Orange Blue Cap Replay Pro, WhiteReplay Replay Pro Yoyo, Rayon Vert Green Replay Pro Yoyo, Purple Purple Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Pink Pink Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Orange Orange Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Clear Black Marble Replay Pro Yoyo, Gray Ann Signature Replay Pro Yoyo, White Black Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, White Blue Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, White Red Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, White Marble Pink Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Orange Green Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Blue Red Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Transparent Black Yellow Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, Gray Purple Cap Replay Pro Yoyo, RECON Replay Pro Yoyo

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