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The Replay Pro Yoyo

If you are a fan of the Protostar Yoyo, then we know you will the love the Replay Yoyo. The Replay Pro plays on par with the Protostar yoyo but for half the price. It was used to win the 1A division of the 2015 National Yoyo Contest.

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YoYoTricks.com Protostar Yoyo Review

The Protostar yoyo is arguably the best playing yoyo on the market in its price range. If you have never used a wide yoyo like this before it will feel a little large in your hand at first, but in no time its ultra-long spins and smooth play will win you over. It’s great balance and long spin times make it great for String Tricks, but also make it ideal for 3A yoyoing. Check out our 3a Protostar Yoyo Pack to get yourself started in this difficult but rewarding play style. This yoyo is certainly a YoYoTricks.com favorite!

Manufacturer's Description of The Protostar Yoyo

In collaboration with 2008 World YoYo Champion John Ando, YoYoFactory set out to reach a pinnacle in yoyo engineering: Make a plastic yoyo that outplays almost every metal yoyo on the market. The result exceeded every expectation we had. The Protostar spins as long or longer than most metal yoyos, plays as smooth as most metal yoyos, and costs less than half of most metal yoyos.

Additional information

Weight86 g
Dimensions2.25 × 1.75 × 4.5 in

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Red, Blue, Yellow, Emerald, Smoke – Red Ring, Clear – Red Black Ring, Glow in the Dark, Icon

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